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Suggestions from Doctors

After a peripheral or coronary intervention, aspirin and another anti-clotting medicine are likely to be recommended. These medicines help in the prevention of blood clots in the stent. A blood clot can lead to a heart attack, a stroke or other serious problems.

Patients with a metal stent may be advised to take aspirin and other anti-clotting medicine. The duration of taking the medication is dependent on the type of stent implanted and, on the patient’s clinical history.  

Early discontinuation of the anti-clotting medicine may pose a risk of increasing formation of blood clots in the stent. Hence, it is necessary to consult your doctor prior to stopping or interrupting the intake of anti-clotting medicine.

After a PCI, the patient should be followed-up both by the primary care physician and by the interventionalist one week after the procedure; and then, every three to six months for the first year. Repeated history recording  and physical examination play an important role after peripheral or coronary interventions. For patients at high risk of re-stenosis and those with complex morphology, repeated angiography may be indicated regardless of the findings of non-invasive stress tests.

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Suggestions on Lifestyle – Keeping your arteries healthy

Peripheral or coronary intervention will help to improve symptoms. However, they are not a cure. The disease may come back if you do not modify your lifestyle and make certain changes.

Making lifestyle changes can help prevent plaque from building up in the arteries again. Your doctor can provide advice on simple lifestyle changes that can help improve arterial health. These might include changing your diet, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, exercising, losing weight and managing stress. You must take the medication as prescribed and do the follow-up with your doctor.

Other precautions

After a procedure, it is advisable to avoid vigorous exercise and heavy lifting for a short time.

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