There are various types
of stents available

Dual Therapy Stent

A Dual Therapy Stent combines the technology of a bio-engineered stent and a drug eluting stent to both accelerate healing of the vessel and to prevent cell growth.

Drug Eluting Stent

Drug Eluting Stents (DES) are coated with medication that is released (eluted) to help prevent the growth of scar tissue in the artery lining. This helps the artery remain smooth and open, ensuring good blood flow and reduces the chances of the artery re-narrowing or restenosis. However, it also leads to a higher chance of blood clots (stent thrombosis).

Bare Metal Stent

A bare metal stent is a stent without any drug. It only acts as a scaffold to keep the blood vessel open.

When a stent is implanted into the narrowed vessel, it will cause injury to the vessel wall. The vessel will release a lot of cells to try to heal itself. Sometimes an overgrowth of scar tissue in the arterial lining increases the risk of re-narrowing. A stent with a drug (DES) is a more preferred choice now.

G-70-1090 Rev02

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