Industry and Physicians Join Hands to Benefit Patients

Publication Date: 7 March, 2022

Source: Headline Daily


The field of vascular and structural heart therapeutics is blessed with innovations over the years. Physicians and the industry have a shared interest in advancing medical knowledge. Nonetheless, the primary ethic of the physicians is to promote patients’ best interests, while the primary ethic of the industry is to achieve business growth.

Physicians offer the best readily available treatment options to patients by utilizing the latest available technologies that are safe with improved efficacy and deliver ideal quality of life to patients. We, on the other hand, organize regular physician exchange programs via clinical settings and that other than sharing clinical knowledge among physicians together with advice and experience in managing complex cases, we also make good use of the opportunities to collect ingenious ideas from physicians. Throughout the product development and product approval process, we work closely with physicians on clinical trials and post market surveillance protocol to gather physicians’ input on product usage in real world clinical practice. It is most fulfilling that we work closely with physicians and bring to the world our next generation products with speed to market as our ultimate goal.

Our proprietary endothelial progenitor cells capture technology on our coronary stent is a classic example about the importance of physicians-industry relations. We introduced to the world the first dual-therapy stent technology that promotes early vessel healing. It has consistently demonstrated via multiple worldwide clinical studies its safety and effectiveness in both acute and stable patients, providing them with the flexibility of a much shorter period of blood thinner drugs that inhibit thrombus, if needed. We responded to our physicians’ input that the same thrombus prevention technology can benefit many patients with other implantable products as well. For example, we are applying the same technology on our series of heart valve products to allow patients to reduce the duration of a potent blood thinner drug protocol that inhibits thrombus formation and to minimize the risk of major bleeding.

Being a company headquartered in Hong Kong, we treasure our long term physicians-industry relationship which has been allowing us to strive for advances in catheter-based technology and devices and make good use of our global network to benefit the needy patients.