PTA Balloon Catheter

For Percutaneous
Transluminal Angioplasty

Jade is Ideal for Treatment of Complex, Resistant lesions of the peripheral artery disease

  • The peripheral artery disease is a highly complex and highly calcified nature type of lesions, hence the concern of dog-bone effect and dissection when going high pressure with the semi-compliant balloons.
  • JADE is a non-compliant balloon that minimizes “dog-bone effect” while facilitating high pressure tolerance and even pressure distribution to modify calcific resistant lesions.
  • JADE is engineered with competitive system profile to enhance crossability, pushability and overall deliverability in challenging lower limb anatomies.

JADE PTA for Peripheral Anatomy

Rated Burst Pressure (RBP)*

* Based on FDA approved compliance chart

JADE has the greatest robustness in terms of RBP for tackling calcified resistant lesions of the lower limb.

Source: TM-200050

Lubricious Coating

To enhance crossability and guide wire trackability, a hydrophilic coating was applied on the top and distal catheter shaft and a hydrophobic coating was applied on the guide wire lumen.

G-70-1135 Rev01