Sapphire II PRO 1.0 mm

Coronary Dilatation Catheter

Cross with Confidence
Every Time

Nylon Balloon Material

More robust balloon material for a higher rated burst pressure

Single Material Tip Tailored for CTO

The small size Sapphire II PRO has a single-material tip for a simpler construction. The shorter tip facilitate better tracking. And the low tip entry profile is engineered for very tight lesions

Tip entry profile

The single material tip enables the lowest entry profile for excellent crossability in very tight lesions

Source: Data on file

Lubricious Coating

Hydro-X Hydrophilic coating on distal shaft for added crossability

Hydro-X hydrophilic coating is a water-absorbing, very slippery coating that reduces friction during lesion crossing


Invio hydrophobic coating is a water-repelling, slippery coating that reduces guidewire friction


G-70-0725 Rev03