OrbusNeich Medical Group Limited Raises Over US$200 million in Recent Rounds of Fundraising and Receives Positive Responses with Active Participation from Institutional Investors

HONG KONG [August 30, 2021] – OrbusNeich Medical Group Limited (“OrbusNeich”), a leading medical device manufacturer headquartered in Hong Kong and specialising in the design, production and sales of innovative products for vascular intervention, has raised over US$200 million in two recently concluded fundraising rounds. The participating investors include Shenzhen Capital Group (together with its healthcare investment fund, Red Earth Healthcare Investment Fund), CCB International, CICC Biomedical Fund L.P. of CICC Capital, China Merchants Securities Investment, Shenzhen Share Capital Healthcare Fund and other well-known family offices. The proceeds raised will enable OrbusNeich to further invest in research and development activities and accelerate its growth in new and existing product areas, both in Greater China and overseas.

“OrbusNeich is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the explosive growth in new healthcare technologies in cardiovascular and peripheral intervention. Backed by our new investors as valued partners, we are confident that we will be able to bring innovations to our customers worldwide by leveraging our dedicated and specialised research team, first-class production facilities and established distribution network, thereby bringing the most suitable and best quality products to cater for patients’ needs.”

David Chien, Chief Executive Officer of OrbusNeich

“OrbusNeich is a global cardiovascular interventional device company. For years, it thrives in competitive overseas markets among other multinational cardiovascular giants. This is a strength rarely seen in other China-based high-value cardiovascular interventional device market participants. Shenzhen Capital Group and Red Earth Healthcare Investment Fund firmly support OrbusNeich to grow and achieve more breakthroughs in its product innovation process.”

Dr. Yi Zhou, General Manager of Red Earth Healthcare Investment Fund of Shenzhen Capital Group

“Deeply rooted in China, the international vision and operational ability of the management team at OrbusNeich has integrated OrbusNeich into the global interventional vascular industry. With twenty years of hard work, OrbusNeich is well-respected in the industry, with leading market shares in various developed countries and regions such as Japan and Europe. OrbusNeich has been investing in R&D heavily, and has advanced technologies in areas such as second-generation antibody coating and drug coated balloons. We believe that under the leadership of OrbusNeich’s management team, OrbusNeich will grow exponentially with quality.”

Ying Liang, Managing Director of CICC Capital and Person in Charge of CICC Biomedical Fund L.P.

“The existing and pipeline products of OrbusNeich have comprehensively covered interventional cardiology treatments with commercialized products not only in coronary intervention but also peripheral intervention. OrbusNeich has also been expanding into neuro-intervention and structural heart markets. Leveraging on OrbusNeich’s global presence, the team at OrbusNeich is capable of converting local market information into its research and development work and pipeline products, and introducing them into China. We are optimistic in OrbusNeich’s further growth and penetration in the China market.”

Zhan Guifeng, General Manager of China Merchants Securities Investment

“The vascular interventional industry has expanded rapidly in past years, and the import substitution in this industry in China has accelerated significantly. After years of technological advancement, OrbusNeich has mastered various core technologies with footprints and expansion plans in fields such as functional balloons, drug coated balloons and neuro-interventional products. OrbusNeich has established its brand recognition in Europe, the United States and Japan with its wide product range. Its expansion into the structural heart field also gives it enormous room for development. We are delighted to walk hand-in-hand with OrbusNeich to launch more innovative vascular interventional products in clinical use.”

Huang Fangzhi, Co-Founding Partner of Shenzhen Share Capital

“OrbusNeich is the first national brand of premium vascular interventional medical devices with the global layout. We are honored to help OrbusNeich complete a fundraising round, and we expect OrbusNeich to achieve more milestones in future. We will continue to work together with OrbusNeich on the way of becoming the world’s leading company in vascular intervention and structural heart disease.”

Irene Hong, Founding Partner of CEC Capital

About OrbusNeich Medical Group Limited

Founded in 2000, OrbusNeich designs and delivers innovative solutions for the treatment of vascular disease which improve patients’ quality of life. Specialising in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative medical devices in the field of interventional cardiology, the Company boasts an extensive product portfolio which includes the world’s first dual therapy stents, as well as coronary stents, specialty balloons, and microcatheters. OrbusNeich is headquartered in Hong Kong with operations in Shenzhen, China; Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, and Hoevelaken, The Netherlands; direct sales teams operating from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, PRC, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and France; and a distributor network covering more than 60 countries across six continents.

Current product portfolio include the world’s first dual therapy stents, the COMBO® Plus and COMBO® Dual Therapy Stents, together with coronary stent, Azule®, specialty balloons, balloons, and microcatheters marketed under the names of Scoreflex®, Scoreflex® NC, Sapphire® II, Sapphire® II PRO, Sapphire® 3, Sapphire® NC, Sapphire® NC Plus, Sapphire® II NC, Sapphire® NC 24, Teleport® and Teleport® Control as well as products to treat peripheral artery disease: the Jade® and Scoreflex® PTA balloons.
For more information, please visit www.OrbusNeich.com.

About Shenzhen Capital Group

Shenzhen Capital Group (SCGC,深圳市創新投資集團有限公司) is a leading venture capital firm in the PRC and a sophisticated investor. SCGC has become a comprehensive investment conglomerate majoring in VC/PE with registered capital of RMB 10 billion and over RMB 400 billion total assets under management. SCGC invests in areas of Information Technology, Internet/ New Media/ Cultural Creativity, Bio-Tech/ Healthcare, New Energy/ Clean Technology, New Materials/ Chemistry, Advanced Manufacture, Consumer Goods/ Modern Services, etc. By June 30, 2021, SCGC has invested in 1288 projects, amongst which SCGC has exited 361 projects and has 190 projects listed in 16 global capital markets.

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CCB International is the flagship investment banking arm of China Construction Bank Corporation with its business covering the whole investment banking chain from Pre-IPO, IPO to Post-IPO stages. CCB International has cultivated a number of industry-leading companies and achieved outstanding investment return, which creates a win-win situation with its customers.

About CICC Biomedical Fund L.P.

CICC Biomedical Fund L.P. (中金啟德(廈門)創新生物醫藥股權投資基金合夥企業(有限合夥)) is a private equity fund managed by CICC Capital Management Co., Ltd. as the general partner and is focused on world-leading innovative medicines and technologies. By virtue of its excellent reputation and investment management capabilities, CICC Biomedical Fund is accredited by a number of well-known fund of funds, listed companies, CICC wealth management clients and other types of institutional investors.

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China Merchants Securities Investment is wholly-owned by China Merchants Securities with a registered capital of RMB7.1 billion. It mainly engages in equity investments and financial product investments. Oriented by value investing, China Merchants Securities Investment focuses on medical and healthcare, new energy and new materials, intelligent manufacturing, technology and chips, and is committed to providing comprehensive financial services to its invested companies.

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Shenzhen Share Capital Healthcare Fund specialises in structuring strategic investment in early-to-mid stage start-ups along with Lean Principle for growth staged leading enterprise. Its investment team is formed by a group of people that combine an international pedigree with refined local insights and first-hand academic/industrial experience to unlock alpha in the healthcare sector. The Fund has already formed a prominent investment portfolio with a composition of 80 Bio-Tech and Breakthrough Drug Research start-ups and relentlessly pursues the most exciting long-term opportunities. The Fund’s past investments have demonstrated excellent yields, including in Health 100(002044.SZ), BGI(300676.SZ), Buchang Pharma(603858.SH), Zelgen(688266.SH), GTH(GTH.US), TouchStone(688013.SH), Medprin Regenerative Medical Technologies(301033.SZ) and CH Biomedical.

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Founded in 2000, CEC Capital Group is a leading investment bank in China with a core focus on the TMT, consumer and healthcare sectors. We provide M&A, capital raising, and asset management services to our clients both in and outside of China. CEC Capital has become a boutique investment bank with the most healthcare transactions in China for four consecutive years. Additionally, CEC Capital has a healthcare team with the largest number of investment bankers, the highest level of professionalism, and the most comprehensive industry coverage.

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