OrbusNeich® China Success at CHC 2021

Scoreflex® Dual Wire Focused Force Balloon Introduced

HONG KONG [September 30, 2021] – On 16 September 2021, the first symposium organized by OrbusNeich China successfully took place during China Heart Congress (CHC) 2021, focusing on the use of the Scoreflex Coronary Dilatation Balloon Catheter for percutaneous coronary intervention. This year, the CHC was conducted in conjunction with the 6th China Vascular Congress (CVC), making it one of the most extensive coronary congresses in the country.

The Scoreflex symposium attracted a record audience of 9,175 attendees and marked an important milestone as it was the first event in China under the auspices of the OrbusNeich direct sales organization.

Esteemed experts were invited as chairpersons and speakers: Dr. Wu Yong Jian, Dr. Chen Jue (both from FuWai Hospital, National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases), and Dr. Tan Huay Cheem (National Heart Center Singapore) chaired the session.

The first speaker, Dr. Liu Chang Fu (Chinese PLA General Hospital), presented on “Application of the Double Guide Wire Scoring Balloon in Coronary Intervention Therapy”, while the second speaker, Dr. Zhang Wen Bin (Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital), presented on “Application of the Double Guide Wire Scoring Balloon in Bifurcation Lesions”.

Both speakers highlighted Scoreflex’s unique features and its benefits in left main and bifurcation lesions. The dual-wire system creates a focal stress pattern to facilitate safe and controlled plaque modification at lower resolution pressure.

During the discussion, Dr. Wu Yong Jian shared his experience that lesion preparation before stenting is very important – especially in complex PCI and highly calcified lesions. This ensures a good long-term result with less cardiovascular events.

Dr. Tan Huay Cheem presented the use of “Scoreflex NC in simplifying the complex PCI”.

He gave some tips on using this non-compliant version of the scoring balloon, covering slow dilatation, selecting the Scoreflex NC 1.75mm for very tight and calcified lesions and in lesion preparation prior to Drug Eluting Balloon (DEB)  and 1:1 sizing. Scoreflex NC has recently received NMPA approval in China. 

“The Scoreflex NC with a non-compliant platform is safe and effective in different lesion morphology and having a low crossing profile allows the balloon to cross small, distal vessels where you may not want to stent. I am pleased to introduce this new product that will be available in China soon. It is always a pleasure for me to be able to share my experiences with the Chinese physicians”, Dr. Tan Huay Cheem said.

“This symposium provided an excellent platform to showcase the Scoreflex scoring balloon and introduce OrbusNeich in China”, said David Chien, Chairman, President and CEO of OrbusNeich. He added, “We have expanded our Sales organization with a Direct Sales team in China, giving us the opportunity to strengthen our presence in the Chinese market and our support for the physicians.”

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