Paradigm Shift to Tackle the No. 1 Killer

Publication Date: 15 November, 2021

Source: Headline Daily


The advancement in technologies is revolutionary in the treatment of coronary artery disease. For people suffering from heart attack, coronary stents are widely used in minimally invasive procedures. Stents are small, metal mesh tubes used to provide permanent scaffolding to keep coronary arteries open, routinely following a balloon angioplasty. The expansion of a metallic stent within an artery causes a certain degree of vessel injury and the body responds to the stent’s presence with different physiological changes. Lack of healing can make the stent with an exposed surface and run the risk of gathering blood clot on the stent which is referred to as stent thrombosis, a catastrophic event that could lead to life-threatening complications.

To address the problem of stent thrombosis, OrbusNeich® offers patients with the only clinically available dual therapy stent technology. What clearly defines a dual therapy stent is that in addition to a drug coating that prevents vessel re-narrowing, there is a proprietary bio-engineered surface coating that can help minimize the risk of stent thrombosis by capturing endothelial progenitor cells onto the stent surface to accelerate the healing of the injured vessel.

In some clinical situations, where the patient has very small vessel or patient do not wish to have a stent implant, a drug eluting balloon is used to release the drug to the vessel and no stent is implanted. The new second-generation drug eluting balloon is to address the need to provide a sustained release of the drug for adhesion to the vessel wall for a longer period of time to effectively prevent vessel re-narrowing. It is an emerging alternative treatment in coronary as well as peripheral artery disease where a non-stent approach is most suitable for the patients.

The paradigm shift in the treatment of coronary artery disease is vital to meet the challenge of this world’s number one cause of death. We are delighted to be actively involved with the availability of an innovative dual therapy stent that accelerates vessel healing and our future introduction of a new generation of drug eluting balloon with sustained drug release.