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So Much More than your Average Balloon

The Sapphire coronary dilatation catheter balloon combines the latest technologies to deliver the ultimate crossability. The Sunflex tapered tip is superbly engineered for smooth lesion accessibility and low tip profile. With specially formulated Slidematrix dual coating and the enhanced TiFo processing, Sapphire is ideal for a lubricious crossing.

The 1.25 mm balloon offers reliable crossability for the most challenging lesions, providing a truly well balanced performance from hub to tip. The smooth transition zone enhances trackability through tortuous anatomy. It also enhances visibility from dye injection in complex procedures, and provides resistance against buckling and kinking, maximizing pushability. The Sapphire 1.25 mm is the first low profile balloon available in 5 mm lengths.

Sunflex Tip for Smooth Lesion Accessibility

Sapphire's Sunflex tip is expertly engineered to offer the ideal balance between flexibility and kink resistance. The tapered soft tip combined with advanced laser welding technology provides the most competitive tip entry profile of 0.016", and it reduces fish mouthing.

TiFo Folding for Enhanced Crossability in the Tightest Lesions

Tight Fold processing results in a slender primary profile for enhanced crossability through tight lesions.

Slidematrix Dual Coating for Superb Crossability

Slidematrix coating offers an optimal balance, providing lubricious crossing. Hydrophilic coating is applied on the tip and Invio coating is applied from the balloon to the proximal exit marker.


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